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E c s t a t i c a

Full Moon Rooftop Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance

Join us for a soulful journey into the heart through ceremony and dance. Experience the full power of the cosmos as we celebrate the illumination of the full moon.

ECSTATICA offers powerful connection and playful movement, through ceremonial cacao and beats provided by Chicagos premier DJ’s: brought to you by The Get Down Chicago LLC.


Beginning with a sacred ceremony facilitated by Jonathan, we’ll drink a special elixir of cacao to open up our hearts, connect to our inner stillness and set intentions from our wisdom within. Getting fully in touch with our bodies and our senses, we’ll celebrate the lunar energies through dance, dropping from our minds into our bodies. Together, we move intuitively to the music, safely embracing our natural essences by ecstatic movement and dance.


Closing our journey, we’ll come together in a community, connection and sharing. Open your heart and mind on an ecstatic journey into radical self-expression, acceptance, and liberating fun!


See ya soon Chicago, a magical experience awaits you!

Full Moon

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies consist of ceremonial cacao, healing medicine songs, shamanic drumming, a guided visual meditation, a safe space to share your experience and connect with others. 

Prior to drinking, we'll bless the cacao with healing medicine songs as we call on the spirit of cacao, to help with our healing, inspiration and soul nourishment.

Everyone will be served a ceremonial dose of cacao and you will be guided through an intentional consumption of the cacao. You will then be led through a guided visual meditation to deepen your journey.  Following the meditation journey we'll slowly invite you back into your bodies to begin moving energy through and out of our bodies into a full ecstatic dance. This is an opportunity to dance and move, judgement free, as the freest version of yourself.

Drinking cacao together in a sacred ritual, where intentions are set, can unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions and connect us to ourselves and the loving energy within our body. Cacao connects us to our energetic being, helps open our heart space and connects us on a deeper level with ourselves and others through the frequency of love, compassion and joy.

Cacao is a natural stimulant, vasodilator and muscle relaxant. Cacao helps relax our bodies, allowing blood to flow more freely through out our cardio vascular system and energize the nervous system.  

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Preparation for Ceremony

• Stay away from caffeine before ceremony

• Eat a light meal or snack before ceremony

• Bring a water bottle

• Wear comfy clothes

• Bring a note pad and pen to journal any insights or guidance you receive during ceremony


  • Cacao is not just a chocolate.  It is a bitter stimulant.

  • For those on antidepressants such as MAOI’s or SSRI’s please check with your doctor prior to consumption.  If you are on antidepressants you may experience an intense migraine hours after ingesting cacao.

  • Cacao contains theobromine, which increases heart rate and is a vasodilator (blood vessel widener). It may not be for those with serious heart conditions or high blood pressure.  Check with your doctor.

  • Please let us know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and we will lower your dose until you’re aware of how it works on you.  Check with your doctor.

Event Details

Coming Spring 2024

6:30PM – Doors

7:00PM – Cacao Ceremony

8:00PM – Ecstatic Dance

10:00PM - Closing Circle

Where: TBA 
Duration: 3 hours
Exchange: $44 per event
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All Sales are final.
Tickets can be transferred to another name if you’re unable to attend the event

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