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If getting to Yoga On The Beach Co is a challenge for you and you’re looking for something that better fits your schedule, consider private Yoga lessons with Jonathan. 

With nearly a decade of teaching experience, Jonathan’s guidance and ability to hold space is of the highest quality. His classes are sure to guide you from your head space into your heart space.

These private sessions are specifically curated to help your individual needs as well as assisting you to go deeper into your practice, while in the comforts of your own home: in person or online.

Jonathan’s one-on-one sessions aren’t just limited to Yoga, he also offers:

- guided meditations

- sound healing ceremonies

- cacao ceremonies

- rapé ceremonies

- small group/private yoga classes

- hand pan lessons



Private Yoga Lessons - $100
Private Sound Meditations - $100
Group Yoga Lessons - $100 + $25 per person after 1st person
Group Ceremonies - $100 + $25 per person after 1st person
Hand Pan Lessons - $60 a lesson

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