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Jonathan Villacres

Founder | Instructor | Sound Healer | Plant Medicine Ceremonialist

“I’ve always been a physically active person. As a kid, I swam competitively and enjoyed playing soccer and water polo. As I got older, into my 20’s, my interests shifted. I began to party a lot, and I was not treating myself very kindly. A big scare from a near car accident would awaken what I considered an epiphany; one that made me realize I was falling further apart from a positive relationship with myself. I began to mend the broken relationship that I had with myself through physical exercise. I became interested in all different types of physical movements for a constructive release. This led me to Yoga, and the humble beginning of my personal practice. It was yoga that taught me mindfulness and the power of breath control. It was life changing. Yoga allowed me to repurpose my life.”

Jonathan received his certification to teach yoga in the summer of 2014, and immediately began his journey as a yoga instructor. Since, he’s taught for CorePower, FFC, Zen Yoga Garage, Lakeshore Fitness, Xsport and Essence Of Life. Jonathan has been a dedicated student and teacher; traveling the world to continue his yoga education, in advanced sequencing, teacher training facilitation, workshops and sound baths. In 2017, Jonathan traveled to Riobamba, Ecuador to study Ashtanga Yoga. Upon returning home, Jonathan’s vision of his yoga teachings were clear; create a connection between practicing yoga and nature. Partnering with his cousin Brian, in 2018, the pair created Yoga On The Beach Co.

Jonathan’s classes are accessible to all levels; mixing elements of Ashtanga, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. Jonathan also layers in live instruments such as crystal singing bowls, melodies from a hand pan. flute, drums and more.


Classes are designed with careful intention and thought, allowing for an inner and out of body experience. Jonathan’s goal is to create an affordable, judgement-free outdoor yoga community, on beaches and lakes around the world.

Follow him on Instagram, @j.villacres & @yogaonthebeachco


Brian Butler



Brian, also an Illinois native, grew up in Lombard. His love for animals led him to become an aspiring wildlife photographer, with hopes of one day being published in Nat Geo. His passion for creating and helping people has lead him to create Yoga On The Beach Co, with his cousin Jonathan.

“It started with Jonathan needing yoga photos for his website, and me wanting to help. And now I think it’s turning into something really special, that we’re both proud of!”

Brian’s passion is to travel the world, learn from his experiences and use that knowledge and his gift to help as many people as possible. Brian can currently be found following his dreams of traveling the county with his girlfriend in their camper that they personally decked out into a bohemian-inspired home-on-wheels. All while documenting the process with his camera and creating a very impressive portfolio of wildlife in there natural element.

Follow him on instagram @brian_bear_butler

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