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A Cannabis-Infused New Moon Sound Healing Ceremony

VIBRACIÓN offers a profound yoga + sound healing ceremony. 

This time, we're getting stoned!


Journey deep into the body + mind with a Canniabus-infused meditation paired with a loving vibrational sound immersion consisting of: crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums, koshi chimes, Native American drone flutes, didgeridoo, loops and sounds from a melodic handpan.


Intended to open up deep healing portals, VIBRACIÓN aims to assist in emotional release, heal deep wounds & help raise the vibration of our conscious community as we step into our highest power.


Every ceremony opens with a sacred smudging sage ritual that’s designed to neutralize our space from negative energy as we transition into the new lunar.


Join us as we commune in sacred ceremony + community.

Gummies will be provided. There will also be YOUR BUDZ product for sale (all participants will receive 10% off YOUR BUDZ products on day of event) 


You are encouraged to smoke your own if you choose. 


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All Videos

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Preparation for Ceremony


  • Bring a water bottle

  • Bring your own mat / props (mats & props will NOT be provided)

  • Wear comfy clothes

  • Bring a blanket / sweater or any other items to be cozy

  • Bring a note pad + pen to journal (optional)

  • Option to bring flowers as an offering for the altar

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Event Details

When: May 7th, 2024 
Where: Lake View - Chicago
Duration: 90 minutes
Exchange: $30

7:00PM – Doors + Smudging Ritual

7:30PM – Sound Ceremony 

9:00PM – Close