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New Moon Yoga &
Sound Healing Ceremony



A New Moon Yoga & Sound Healing Ceremony

In astronomy, the New Moon is the first lunar phase. Many cultures believe the New Moon represents new beginnings; a refreshed start. In astrological terms, the new moon signifies the beginning of the moon’s cycle, in which the lunar disk is visually invisible. 

The New Moon gifts us the opportunity to reassess our life goals and objectives. A cosmic reset that occurs once a month, every month.


VIBRACIÓN offers a sacred space for mindful movement paired with a beautiful curated sound journey, under the energies of the New Moon. Together we’ll drop into deep stillness, connecting within and shedding the layers that no longer serve our path toward our highest self.


Immerse yourself in healing vibrations of sound with an array of instruments including: a full chakra set of crystal singing bowls, a hand pan, shamanic drum, traditional wooden flute & kochi chimes.


Join Yoga on the Beach at Space333, for this special healing experience as we set new intentions with the New Moon and plant seeds for future manifestations through Yoga and Sound.


Preparation for Ceremony


  • Bring a water bottle

  • Bring your own mat / props (mats & props will NOT be provided)

  • Wear comfy clothes to practice Yoga in

  • Bring a blanket / sweater or any other items to be cozy for the Sound Healing

  • Bring a note pad and pen to journal any insights or guidance you receive during ceremony

  • Option to bring flowers as an offering for the altar


Event Details


Thursdasy, August 25th
6:30PM – Doors open, check in and settle in
7:00PM – Yoga + Sound Ceremony begins
8:30PM – Closing Circle

Where: Space 333
Duration: 2 hours
Exchange: $25

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Sold Out!

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